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Four trust
Four trust

Four trust

Secrets underlying Sekigiken,the one of a kind company

Trust backed by order repeat rate of 70%

We repeatedly receive orders from more than 70% of our customers. This figure proves that our long-accumulated experience in the manufacturing of machines, forward-looking proposals, and machine manufacturing technology win the trust of customers. In our experience, proposals, and technology, they find technological potential, ideas, and our employees’ enthusiasm to create new machines. We consider it most important to fulfill customers’ trust established by the impressions instilled in them.

500 types of machines developed in 15 years

We developed and manufactured more than 500 types of custom designed machines in 15 years. We manufactured only one machine for industrial experiments or a prototype for a machine that was later mass-produced. Every machine tells the reason or story of why it was developed. In speedy development in collaboration with clients engaged in production engineering, we work closely to embody customers’ ideas based on their up-to-date knowledge.
  • Assembly and inspection devices for IT-related miniature electronic parts for mobile phones, digital cameras, personal computers, etc. (automated equipment for production)
  • Assembly and inspection devices for electronic parts for automobiles
  • Inspection devices for medical use, part assembly devices
  • Assembly of parts for general electric products
  • Assembly of parts for office products?

From contract production to development

After the development of an automatic machine, we also mass-produce parts using the machine and deliver them on contract. This is because we, the developer, are an expert in mass production technology and, at the same time, the best qualified for management and maintenance of the machine. Additionally, in contract production, we no longer have to spend time on operation guidance at the time of
the introduction of a machine, and can As a result, we can begin mass production two months earlier than the past.Needless to say,mass production on the site of development permits us to promptly deal with market changes or product type changes. We realize the speedier placement of automatic machines on the market
and the manufacture and delivery of reliable, high-accuracy products at the same time

Environmental management system certificate acquired

We feel grateful to work in Uonuma which is blessed with bountiful nature and, at the same time, are aware of the importance of conducting business activities in harmony with nature. In May 2002, we acquired a KES Step 2 Certificate.

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リピート率70%の信頼 15年で500種類の機械開発実績 環境マネジメント認証取得 受託生産で開発から量産までスピード導入