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Elemental technology

Elemental technology

Sekigiken is proud of achieving the highest level of accuracy and speediness in each technological field in the industry.This makes our machines more reliable.

揃えるWorkpieces are placed in proper alignment in a tray for storage, and ultra-thin wires are arranged at uniform intervals. Our machines are thus capable of controlling fine intervals and lengths with a high degree of accuracy.
組むTechnology for assembling two or more parts accurately as specified on the design drawing is based on a high level of press fitting, caulking, and screwing.
測るThe integration of precision machine technology and information processing technology ensures a high degree of accuracy in dimensional inspections, geometrical tolerance inspections, image inspections,
electric characteristic inspections, etc.
接着するThe optimum method for the purpose and function of the machine is available from a wide variety of selections, such as bonding using an adhesive, deposition, welding, soldering, and taping.
塗るA wide range of needs, from resin application, solder application to adhesive application, can be met with a high degree of accuracy. Both precision and speediness are achieved.
巻くSmooth winding of coils and film substrates, twisting of ultra-thin wires, wiring of heaters, etc., is ensured by accurate positioning and proper tension.
切るWe developed our original
cutting technology capable of cutting micron-thin wires, precisely cutting film
substrates to fixed width, and cutting metallic hoop workpieces.
形造るWith the aid of precision mechatronics, flexible, accurate forming performance can be obtained in emboss tape forming, pipe shaping, metallic part bending, etc.

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